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The What If UP Club is a non-profit organization on a mission to elevate humanity by spreading HOPE, building CONNECTION, and inspiring POSITIVE CHANGE.
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What does it mean to "What If UP"?

This is an age of uncertainty. Never before have we seen so much division, grief, and disparity. At times like these, it's easy to slip into fear, overwhelm and anxiety, wondering "What if it all falls apart? What if things don't change? What if there's nothing I can do?"

We call this "What If... DOWNING." Though easily justifiable, this train of thought can suck us into a downward spiral of "worst-case scenarios." 

But there is another option.

"What If UPPING" is a conscious CHOICE to look for the good. To ask ourselves, "What if I can make a difference here? What if there is another way? A better way? And what if we figure it out together?"

What if... we can do more when we come together?

What is possible when we come together? Renewed clarity. New ideas. Expanded possibilities. Friendship. Impact. Resilience. Joy. The What If UP Club brings people together with an intentional structure designed to bring out your best YOU!

Rev. Diana Kennedy

"I have connected with kindred souls, gained clarity around my heart’s desires and had a ton of fun! I feel an incredible sense of joy and possibility around achieving what’s most important to me."

Linda Jorgensen

"I was really, really down. Thought I was going to die. I had aggressive cancer and I felt like my oncologist had turned me out to pasture…I found JOY for the first time in a long time in doing the 'What If UP' process. It was a great fit for me. Yes. I believe you saved my life, my dear. It’s really important that you get your work out in the world.”

April Schauer

"#Win. I have continued to laugh out loud more and dance just because I can. #Win. I left a job interview last week with "What If Up's" Dancing in my head and a smile on my face. #Win. I have been invited back for a second in person interview next week. #Win. I have met some more amazing and beautiful people here in this loving and supportive space. #Win!"

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Here's what you'll receive as a member of The What If UP Club:

FREE BOOK: "What If It All Goes RIGHT?" by Mendhi Audlin

What if you dive in? Join today and immediately access the book that started the Movement! Get your digital copy of "What If It All Goes RIGHT? Creating a New World of Peace, Prosperity & Possibility" by our founder, Mendhi Audlin.

Private Members Only Facebook Community

Connect with our global membership of #WhatIfUppers to share challenges, explore new ideas, and amp UP your energy! Our private Facebook community offers a great place to practice the process and seep yourself in hope, encouragement, and endless possibilities!

#WhatIfWednesday Member Workshops, Special Events & Virtual Club Gatherings

Join us online each week for a special #WhatIfWednesday Member Workshop. Take on weekly challenges, enjoy thought-provoking reflection questions, and connect with others in our community to share your progress along the way!

You'll also enjoy "Members-Only" special events, "Happy Hours," and connection opportunities with our international family of #WhatIfUppers!


Join a local "What If UP" Group!

Challenge yourself to learn and grow in your own self-awareness as you connect locally with other members to innovate, problem-solve, and create positive changes in your life and in your community. Our local #WhatIfUP Groups give you an opportunity to make new friends, practice using the tools and strategies, and experience the momentum that comes from being part of a supportive, co-creative community! We'll help you find a group that works best for you!

Start a local #WhatIfUP Group!

Don't see a #WhatIfUP Group in your area? What if you start one? We provide fun & empowering leadership training opportunities for our members to help you "lead the change" you want to see in your life, in your community, and beyond!

Plus, you'll receive ongoing leadership support and training for as long as you are actively leading your local small group. Go deeper with the work when you connect with our network of local group leaders.


FREE Welcome Gift: Our #WhatIfUP Manifesto

Watch your mailbox! When you join, we will send you a special "Welcome Gift" filled with good vibes, warm hugs, and fun surprises!


FREE Member Directory Listing

Want to make it easier for other members to get to know you? Post your profile in our Member Directory and get to know others in our community. (It's also  great way to support each other in bringing your ideas to life!)


News, UPdates & Member Spotlights!

Keep up with the latest news and UPdates from our community. Each week, we celebrate #wins, spotlight members, and fill you in on what you need to know to make the most of your membership each week.

A Experiment in Generosity:
What if it all starts with a GIFT?

One of the ways we bring our mission to life is through our one-of-a-kind Membership Program. Your membership is a gift... funded through the generosity of another member. After you join, we will invite you to "Pay-It-Forward" as you are able to provide membership opportunities for others.

Be part of an innovative, co-creative community that is built upon principles of generosity, flow and abundance. It all begins when you open your heart and receive the gift of a $10/month membership.

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Meet Our Leadership Team!

The What If UP Club is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization led by a visionary team including:

Mendhi Audlin, Founder

"I have been teaching the 'What If UP' process for more than 20 years, and have seen the instantaneous positive effect it can have. Yet still... there is nothing that compares to the impact has when practiced in a community."

Joe Vitale, Board President

"When we get together, we're not just tapping our own resources, our own creativity. What I love about (the process) is it takes you beyond your expected answer. We can 'What If UP' and go to places we've never gone before."

Lisa Winston, Vice President

"Start playing the "What If UP" Game! What if this is the big piece you've been looking for? When you do that, it shifts your entire mindset. It's AMAZING!"

Peter Bielegus, Secretary/Treasurer

"It really is the answer to the unsolvable problems. We hang onto this belief that we have to have the answers. But what if there are answers you haven't thought of? That's what's so powerful about this."

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Now is the time to lead the change you want to see, in your life and in the world. We can do it when we choose to come together in a spirit of love and service. What if the answers we've been looking for are closer than we think? Join the What If UP Club to explore what's possible in YOUR life as part of an intentional, co-creative community.

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