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What does it mean to
"What If 

This is an age of uncertainty. Never before have we seen so much division, grief, and disparity. At times like these, it's easy to slip into fear, overwhelm and anxiety, wondering "What if it all falls apart? What if things don't change? What if there's nothing I can do?"

We call this "What If... DOWNING." Though easily justifiable, this train of thought can suck us into a downward spiral of "worst-case scenarios." 

But there is another option.

"What If UPPING" is a conscious CHOICE to look for the good. To ask ourselves, "What if I can make a difference here? What if there is another way? A better way? And what if we figure it out together?"

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What if you could immerse yourself in a conscious community that stands for unsinkable optimism and unlimited possibilities?

  • What if you surround yourself with forward-thinking, visionary people who refuse to see challenges as "dead ends"?
  • What if you step into a culture that assumes the best about the motives of others, and dares to believe that all the good you desire is possible, regardless of current circumstances?
  • What if you tap into the support and resources you need to fully step into your potential while simultaneously co-creating a happy, healthy, sustainable world for future generations?

If you know in your heart that there is no obstacle that we can not collectively overcome, join The ClubWe've been waiting for you!


Human beings need connection to thrive. But not all connection is created equally. Studies show that being in a dysfunctional relationship is actually healthier for us than being socially isolated. Luckily, there’s another (waaaay better) option:

  • What if you could connect with others in an environment that sees you for who you are, honors your uniqueness, and celebrates your dreams?
  • What if you could build empowering relationships where complaining and commiserating are replaced with problem-solving, idea-sharing and celebration?
  • What if you could choose to be part of a small group of fun and inspiring friends who challenge you to think bigger, love fuller, and express your gifts in the world?

With small groupslocal chapters and virtual events designed to put your dreams in the spotlight, The What If UP Club is dedicated to building empowering connections that inspire positive change, from the inside out!

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