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The What If UP Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to elevating humanity by spreading HOPE, building CONNECTION, and inspiring POSITIVE CHANGE.
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What does it mean to
"What If 

This is an age of uncertainty. Never before have we seen so much division, grief, and disparity. At times like these, it's easy to slip into fear, overwhelm and anxiety, wondering "What if it all falls apart? What if things don't change? What if there's nothing I can do?"

We call this "What If... DOWNING." Though easily justifiable, this train of thought can suck us into a downward spiral of "worst-case scenarios." 

But there is another option.

"What If UPPING" is a conscious CHOICE to look for the good. To ask ourselves, "What if I can make a difference here? What if there is another way? A better way? And what if we figure it out together?"

What If You Had All the Tools and Resources You Need to Manifest Your Dreams & Make a Huge Impact?

In Your Life...

Tap into our member perks and take your ideas to the next level as part of a positive, encouraging co-creative community. 


In Your Community...

Have fun, make some friends, and accelerate your growth as you connect with others in a weekly discussion group or monthly mastermind gathering.


In the World...

Don't see a local group near you? We are looking for group leaders around the world to host gatherings and enthusiastically bring people together to bring good ideas to life.


What if... we can do more when we come together?

What is possible when we come together? Renewed clarity. New ideas. Expanded possibilities. Friendship. Impact. Resilience. Joy.

The What If UP Club brings people together with an intentional structure designed to bring out your best YOU!

What if... we can solve real-world problems in a way that is fun and fulfilling?

Challenge yourself to learn and grow in your own self-awareness as you connect with other to innovate, problem-solve, and create a tangible impact in your community.

What if... all it begins with a clear intention and two little words?

As simple as it sounds, all positive change begins with an idea. The question "What If?" has the power to lead us into uncharted territories where new possibilities await. Tap into the power of your imagination to create positive changes, in your own life, in the lives of others, and in the world around you. Join the Club and experience the magic!

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Now is the time to lead the change you want to see, in your life and in the world. We can do it when we choose to come together in a spirit of love and service. What if the answers we've been looking for are closer than we think? Join the What If UP Club to explore what's possible in YOUR life as part of an intentional, co-creative community.

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