"I am somebody that's very much in touch with my heart."

stories Jan 17, 2023

Tara Wear, Spokane, WA

I can tell when it's shrinking, and I'm protecting. And I can tell when it's opening and expanding.

My "why" is to live my life as open and expanded and as loving, and passionate as possible. So this process does that. I've always been called the Pollyanna of my circles, you know, because I am like, "Well, but wait! What if?!" 

I think it's so in alignment with my desire to approach everything... Everything... The hardest challenge... The scariest thing... The greatest uncertainties of life... with openness and possibility.

This process is strengthening that muscle. I did a group several years ago and every time we met I could just feel everybody's resolve getting stronger and stronger around what they wanted to create in their lives. That momentum together is unstoppable.

So that's my "why." And that's why this really resonates. I connected with you all in the beginning about this and then I was like, "Now's not the time," but boy, as soon as I saw this I knew. NOW is the time.