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What If It All Goes RIGHT? Creating a New World of Peace, Prosperity & Possibility

Discover the book that launched a Movement of hope, connection and positive change! Learn the secret to turning possibilities into tangible realities. You'll master the essential skills for thriving in today's rapidly changing world: the imagination to quickly identify innovative solutions for unprecedented challenges, and the wisdom to bring these ideas to fruition through "inspired action."

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The "What If" UP!
Monthly Planner

Build daily habits that support you in living the life you have imagined! The "What If" UP! Monthly Planner is your 30-day resource for beginning each day with hope and possibility, and concluding each day with gratitude, learning and growth. What if daily disciplines can actually be fun? Get organized, be intentional, and watch your intentions become your realities!

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Doodle UP!
A Meditative Practice for Gaining Clarity, Creating Your Vision, and Bringing Good Ideas to Life!

 What if life is a blank canvas, and YOU are the creator of your own masterpiece?

The "Doodle-UP" journal is designed to unleash your imagination so you can solve problems, get unstuck, and create positive change in your life and in the world. And here's a BONUS... it's also incredibly FUN!

For people who find it difficult to quiet the mind in meditation, the DoodleUP process offers a powerful alternative. Find a quiet time with your DoodleUP journal and a basket of colored pens, and allow yourself to DREAM!

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