"What if the story you have been telling yourself is not true?"

stories Mar 30, 2023

Kerith in Nairobi

I started reading the book and I recorded some What If UPs on my phone for me to listen while I'm on my walk.

One thing I realized is that normally I have a lot of resistance with affirmations. My mind just comes up as a block against affirmations. The very first time I did the What-If-Upping, there was no resistance.

I'll feel it coming up like, when I speak an affirmation, I'll feel this is a lie. I'm telling myself a lie. But with "What-If-Upping", there was totally no resistance because it gives you a possibility, something separate and different from the story that you have been saying to yourself over and over again.

I believe that worked amazing for me in changing the way I look at things because what if there is a possibility that the story you have been telling yourself is not true? Are you open to seeing it from another perspective? And that's what it did for me and I think it's amazing!