"I'm always looking to increase my mastery around spiritual tools."

stories Jan 17, 2023

Mitch Austin, Sacramento, CA

I believe this process is metaphysically sound, right? Because we don't get what we want. We get what we vibrate. And if we don't have a way to shift that vibration, then we get, you know, whatever! Wherever we're at on our vibration scale.

What I believe in passionately is that community helps us get to the next level. I honestly believe nobody wants to really achieve anything alone because then you celebrate alone.

I love that we cultivate community. That it's metaphysically sound in terms of shifting vibration, which opens possibility.

For me, it has a third component, right?  A mastermind. Where two or more gather, and everyone's amplifying that intention for you. And in really high energy ways.

I think has a very powerful effect on what shows up for people. On those levels, it's a great tool. And one I'd like to promote more into the world,