"I have accomplished wildly unexpected great things."

stories Dec 22, 2022

Alex Gosse, Arlington, TX

WoW! This hit me like a rock.

I got divorced 4 years ago yesterday from a man I was deeply in love with, and at the time it would have been laughable for anyone to label me an artist. And, to say that I had absolutely no interest in or knowledge of social media would be an overstatement.

I am 4 days away from turning 50 and have been reflecting on the journey I have taken over the last 4 years. I was not sure if I was going to share this story, until I spoke to a friend this morning about how I was feeling about it all and I decided to be vulnerable with y’all. If anyone that reads this benefits , then it was worth me sharing! 💝

It’s heavy, the good, the bad, the longing, the joy, and the sadness, especially this time of year, and I don’t think I am uniquely in that feeling. I am unbelievably proud of myself and this is a relatively new feeling for me.

I have accomplished wildly unexpected great things, and I am quite sure that it’s because I learned to love myself, let go of the reins a bit, and let the universe fill my life with incredible things much larger than I ever would have imagined.

I have been deeply moved by the kindness of strangers afforded me by these platforms, and the opportunity to share who I am in a way I never did before. If you are feeling sad or down just now, please reach out, to me, to a friend, whoever. It all seems much better to me after I lay myself out for a trusted soul to share.

Thank you all so much for sharing the journey with me, and for the massive amount of love and kindness you have all shown me. I feel so blessed 💝

Thank you Mendhi Audlin for being a fantastic mentor and friend and providing me with so many great tools via The What If UP Club! 🙏

Thank you Craft Resin for being the wind beneath my artistic wings! 🙏

Thank you Alex The Alchemyst for being the biggest supporter of me on all platforms! You are an angel 😇 and there will never be enough kind words to say about you, but I will keep trying! Thank you to my besties for offering endless encouragement and love, and my entire circle ⭕️.