Our Organization

The What If UP Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to unleash human potential by spreading hope, building connection & inspiring positive change.

Spreading Hope

We utilize a process and a philosophy called "What If UPPING"™ to foster creativity and innovation while building a resilient, forward-thinking mindset. Instead of imagining worst-case scenarios ("What if it doesn't work?"), we shift into the mindset of possibility ("What if it does?"). 

Building Connection

Our "What If" Circles™ bring people together in local and online small groups, as well as through our global membership community, to share ideas, encourage each other, and practice the What If UP™ process. Members engage in a positive, encouraging culture while building long-lasting, meaningful friendships.

Inspiring Positive Change

We provide a curriculum of weekly challenges designed to empower our members to bring their good ideas to life. Members support each other in manifesting personal and professional intentions, coupled with creative small group challenges to serve their communities together.

Spreading Hope, Building Connection &
Inspiring Positive Change around the Globe...

Our membership spans the globe, representing 10 countries, 19 states, and 59 cities (as of 1.1.22). Join us and be part of Movement that UPlifts and supports people to bring good ideas to life!

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