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What to Expect in Your Circle

Our small groups follow a simple, structured format detailed in the book, "What If It All Goes RIGHT?" If you want to build strong friendships that provide support and accountability for helping you live your best life, explore our open Circles to find one that lights you UP!
Here's what you can experience through our groups:

Connection, Accountability
& Celebration

Our "What·If·UP" Circles™ follow a simple, structured format detailed in the book, "What If It All Goes RIGHT?" You'll kick off your first session with an opportunity to share a bit about yourself. Then, with each repeating session, you can check-in with your group to share #wins since your last gathering.

Idea Sharing & Mastermind Process

Experience the energizing power of #WhatIfUpping in a group setting. Using our signature "What·If·UP" small group processes, you have the opportunity to work on a specific goal or intention and receive ideas, encouragement and support from your group.

Reflection & Inspired Action Challenges

You will complete your small group time with an opportunity to reflect on your next steps and choose at least one "inspired action" to take before your next circle gathering. 

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Why are "What·If·UP" Circles™ so Powerful?

Here are a few of the benefits that have been reported from participants in our "What·If·UP" Circles™.



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