"I am so thankful for all of the uncomfortable moments..."

stories Feb 11, 2022

April in Colorado Springs, Colorado

April joined our community in September of 2020 as part of a TeamUP Challenge. She posted this to our group at the end of her first challenge:

"So many thoughts and emotions came to mind when I began to reflect on my journey...

I believe everything happens for us. And I believe that the timing of this, of this building of network and community, was perfect.

I've definitely been stretched outside my comfort zone. And I am so thankful for all of the uncomfortable moments.

Throughout this challenge, I have taken away a lot. One of the things I've taken is: I have embraced where I am. Instead of comparing myself to others, or where I think I should be, I am now on April's "track and field of dreams." And I've got the biggest, most amazing cheering section right there with me.

So thank you. I will forever be thankful to this challenge as it has also allowed me to build my confidence in a safe and loving community that I am proud to call my "What If UP" family.

I never could have imagined all that came out of this for me and I am so excited to move into the next chapter now as a TeamUP Challenge Alum.

I'm looking forward to using my confidence and my voice to help support new members as they come in. What better way to pay it forward for the gifts that I was given?

I want to be able to share that with other people and create that same enthusiasm and excitement and safe spaces that I was I was given. I look forward to where we go now with the endless possibilities!"