New Year's Day Vision Casting LIVESTREAM

Want to kick off the new year with intentionality, purpose, and the power of "what if"?

Join me for a New Year's Day Live Stream event designed to help you shake off the limitations of the past, and clarify your vision for the year ahead.

January 1, 2023
12-1 pm Public Livestream
1pm - 3 pm Community Creation Station & Small Group Brainstorming

For me, vision-casting on New Year's Day is as traditional as black-eyed peas! This live session is an opportunity to explore some new techniques to help you clarify your intentions for the year, create a visual representation of your vision that can guide you throughout the year, AND provide a fun, real-time "work-session" so you can connect with others and share your progress along the way.

I'll have some special guests join me to share their new year's traditions, PLUS you've have the opportunity to share your desires for the new year and bring to them the power of "what if"!

Bring some paper (or poster board if you want to go BIG!), along with markers and sticky notes if you have some handy. We're got a shiny new year ahead of us, and I am excited to come together to kick it off with JOY, IMAGINATION & ENTHUSIASM!