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I agree that the materials, process, logos, names, and other items which I receive through my membership and/or participation in a What If UP Group are the intellectual property of The What If UP Club. I agree not to distribute, copy, produce, create derivative works from, or otherwise violate the rights of The What If UP Club or the members of the Group. I understand that this is a legally binding agreement.

I agree and understand that The What If UP Club is a virtual not-for-profit and has no control, ownership, leasehold, or other interest in the space of What If UP Group meetings. I agree that I shall not bring any lawsuit against The What If UP Club for any injury which I sustain while at a meeting or as part of my participation as a member of The What If UP Club.

I agree and understand that The What If UP Club is a voluntary participation organization. I understand that if I am not a good fit for a specific What If UP Group for any reason, I may be asked to leave and I may find another Group or become a Group Leader and join my own What If UP Group. 

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  • Access to our What If UP Clubhouse (private Facebook Group) so you can connect with other #WhatIfUppers around the world.
  • Instant Access to a FREE E-COPY of the book that started it all: "What If It All Goes RIGHT?"
  • Invitation to join a local What If UP Group near you at no additional charge.
  • Weekly #WhatIfWednesday Workshops with member spotlights and new ideas to explore with the support of our community.
  • Access to Group Leadership Trainings and Support Programs for those who want to start their own What If UP Group.
  • Product discounts, special events, VIP access and more!


New members of The What If UP Club join through the generosity of other members and contributors.

These are not "need-based scholarships." These are gifts. Given with love. No strings attached.

Why do we do this:

  • Our community is a place of flow - giving and receiving. We love that your first act as a new member is RECEIVING love and generosity from our membership.
  • We believe that giving and receiving builds connection... And BUILDING CONNECTION is at the heart of our Mission.
  • We trust that our members will contribute what they can when they can. We know the value of participating in The What If UP Club, and our "Pay-It-Forward" process makes membership available to all people without diminishing the value of what you receive.
  • But most of all... It just seemed like a good idea. It feels good to give!

Thank you for being open to receive!

What People Are Saying:

"I have connected with kindred souls, gained clarity around my heart’s desires and had a ton of fun! I feel an incredible sense of joy and possibility around achieving what’s most important to me."

Rev. Diana Kennedy

"I was really, really down. Thought I was going to die. I had aggressive cancer and I felt like my oncologist had turned me out to pasture…I found JOY for the first time in a long time in doing the 'What If UP' process. It was a great fit for me. Yes. I believe you saved my life, my dear. It’s really important that you get your work out in the world.”

Linda Jorgensen