$35.00 USD

Leadership Training: Local Circle Leaders

Interested in learning more about how YOU can start a local "What If UP" Circle?

Our online Circle Leadership Training is for anyone who is interested in bringing the power of "what if" to friends, family, neighbors and colleagues in your local community. You'll learn...

  • What happens in a "What If UP" Circle, and how to set up your event for maximum impact.
  • How to invite people to join you for a What If UP gathering so they are excited about attended and prepared for a transformational experience.
  • How to introduce the #WhatIfUP mastermind process in a way that is clear and powerful.
  • How to set up and enforce the "Rules" when gathering casually with friends and colleagues.

Completing this training is one of the pre-requisites for starting and leading an official local "What If UP" Circle as part of The What If UP Club. 

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NOTE: This Leadership Training does not license the user to charge for gatherings or financially benefit from use.  If you are interested in using the #WhatIfUP process as part of an income-producing business (coaches, speakers, facilitator, team leaders), check out our Ambassador Certification Program.