$35.00 USD

"What If" Circle™ Leadership Training

Interested in learning more about how YOU can start a local or online "What If" Circle™?

Our live What If Circle™ Leadership Training is for anyone who is interested in bringing the power of "what if" to friends, family, neighbors and colleagues in your local community. You'll learn...

  • What happens in a "What If" Circle™, and how to set up your event for maximum impact.
  • How to invite people to join your gathering so they are excited about attending and prepared for a transformational experience.
  • How to introduce The What If Game™ in a way that is clear and powerful.
  • How to set up and enforce the "Rules" when gathering casually with friends and colleagues.

Register now for our next live training on
Saturday, April 1
12-2 pm Eastern Time

Completing this training is the first step in launching and leading an official local What If Circle™ as part of The What If UP Club. 

NOTE: This Leadership Training does not license the user to charge for gatherings or financially benefit from use.  If you are interested in using the #WhatIfUP process as part of an income-producing business (coaches, speakers, facilitator, team leaders), check out our Ambassador Certification Program.