Share your "happy"! Support our Movement!

Got some good news to share? Celebrating a milestone? Launching a new business venture? We want to hear about it! 

"Happy Bucks" are a win/win fundraising opportunity! You receive an opportunity to share a #WIN with our community, and 100% of your contribution supports the growth and expansion of The What If UP Club, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Bring on the HAPPY!!


1) Make a $25 contribution to The What If UP Club using the form on this page.

2) Share your "Happy Announcement" in the Comment Box at the bottom of the form in 250 words or less. You may include a link to a website where people can learn more. Got a picture to share? Send it to us at supportATwhatifupDOTorg.

3) Your announcement will be posted in an upcoming Member e-Newsletter, as well as in our Member Facebook Community ("The Clubhouse") and mentioned on our weekly "What If It All Goes RIGHT?" podcast. 

4) Let the celebration begin! We look forward to cheering for your #WINS, and sharing our gratitude for your decision to support The What If UP Club through your contribution!